Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unexpected More Than Once

So I don't know if it was me, or you really gave Kameron a glare. It's fine with me, but I'd like to know. And then you also took the milk I offered. Normally you act like I poisoned it. But you didn't, you looked around awkwardly, but you drank it. I think that's a step up.

I never know who I'm going to see after practice. Normally it's just the football players or occasionally the cross country team or tennis. But I don't expect to see band members on Tuesday's. Your dad caught me a little off guard and seemed to need help. So I offered. But I had no idea you would be involved also. He said he just needed some doors open so he could hang some signs. Then he said "I don't know where he is. I didn't even think that you were him. I think you were as shocked to see me as I was to see you. I held open the door for you. I wanted to talk to you but it didn't seem appropriate so I followed you and your father until it seemed he no longer needed me.

Monday, September 9, 2013

That's Your Problem, You Thought.

I had a good day today, but that doesn't mean I'm not hurting. I am you know. Inside and out my body aches. You wouldn't know the reasons either. You thought that I was fine, but in reality, I'm hurt. I don't know what hurts me more, you, or myself. Hah. It sounds kinda funny when I put it that way. When I spell it out on paper. I wonder how it would look in a text? Or sound in words? Hmm, that's a thought. Oh I forgot, you don't think about me much. But I guess you did Sunday huh? I mean you grabbed my hand and told me good morning. You had to think up the idea, didn't you? I still wonder why you did it. More important to me: What was going through your head when you did it? Of course I smiled, shook your hand, and in return said,"morning." as cheery as possible. I hope I sounded happy to you. But at the same time I hope you heard the little bit of pain in my voice, saying 'I miss you.' But even if you did, I doubt you thought about that one, or did you?

I wonder...

Soo I saw you once today. I tried not to look at you, because if you were looking at me I wanted you to think... But I wonder if you saw me. I wonder if you noticed me dressed up. I wonder if you saw my neon pink pants. I wonder if you are expecting me to be there tonight. Well either way, looks like I will be. I honestly wonder if you'll see me then and what you'll think. I just wonder...